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YAC for SharePoint

2-Way AutoSync for SharePoint O365 and on-premise - See it in our Maintenance scenario

Most advanced and innovative SharePoint Connector for SAP ERP and S/4HANA

See our Business Scenarios with YAC and SharePoint Views: Maintenance and Procurement

YAC for SharePoint: Services

YAC for SharePoint connects your SAP ERP and S/4HANA system to Microsoft SharePoint Online (O365) and on premise.

Thanks to YAC, all your SAP attachments (documents uploaded into SAP) are immediately sent to SharePoint in automatically generated folder structures, with their original file name, and with configurable SharePoint attributes.

YAC supports all SAP UI -SAPGUI, WebDynpro, WebGUI, Fiori Apps- and all attachments / documents scenarios: KPro, ArchiveLink, SAP DMS, etc.

SharePoint users have access to all SAP documents and associated SAP data in SharePoint!

With the 2-Way AutoSync, any document added (or deleted) directly in SharePoint is automatically synchronized to SAP, attached to (or removed from) the corresponding SAP object and visible in SAPGUI, WebDynpro, Fiori, etc. 

And thanks to the SharePoint mobile App, all your SAP documents and associated data are really accessible everywhere from any device !

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Auto generated Folders Meaningful Attributes Controlled Access Rights

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